Dr. Brandy Helms

I feel extremely blessed and excited to have been given the opportunity to join Dr. Spitz, Dr. Winn, Dr. Goettl, Dr. Luke and the amazing team at Smiles In Motion. I grew up in Western South Dakota and Eastern Iowa, where I have always enjoyed small towns. My husband, Jory, has lived in Eastern Iowa for the past 15 years. We love the Midwest and have always thought it would be great to start our careers and family in an area like the Chippewa Valley.


My husband and I enjoy the outdoors including running, biking, and kayaking.  We also enjoy cooking, playing with our dog, and cheering on the Hawkeye football team.  Jory and I met at the University of Iowa where he played football for the Hawkeyes, and I completed college, dental school, and residency.


My interest in dentistry started at an early age when my brother severely fractured his front tooth.  I found it amazing that one day it was” broken in half” and the next day it looked like nothing had happened!  This experience showed me how a nice smile and a fixed broken tooth could change a person’s self-esteem and help them to become more social and confident.    In high school, I began working with children as a classroom teacher’s aide and continued volunteer work with children throughout college.  It was there that I realized how much I enjoyed working with children of all ages and those with special health care needs. Throughout dental school, I had wonderful mentors who helped shape my passion for Pediatric Dentistry. My goal is to help patients and their parents feel comfortable and welcome in the dental setting while providing excellent dental care for the children of this community.

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