Let’s Play BINGO!

  Let’s Play BINGO!     Can you get a B-I-N-G-O on your board? We’re playing all week! Click the button below to download your Bingo board. Share a photo of your finished board with us on social media HERE… Read more »

What are you reading?

What are you reading?   Dr. Goettl shares some of her favorite books she enjoys reading as a family in this short video. What are your favorite books?    

Brushing with a Pre-Schooler

Brushing with a Pre-Schooler   Help pre-schoolers achieve good dental hygiene by keeping them excited about brushing! Use sticker charts or reward calendars to motivate them to brush two times per day.   Dr. Madeline Goettl shares her technique for… Read more »

Dental Word Find

  Dental Word Find   Can you spot the dental words in this jumble of letters?   Click the button below to download a copy of this challenging dental word find.     Download the Word Find!

Oral Health Unscramble

  Oral Health Unscramble   All of our favorite oral health words are mixed up!   Can you help us unscramble the mixed up letters…or will you be thoroughly stumped??   Click the button below to download a copy of… Read more »