Why do you recommend a pediatric dentist for children?


We differ from general dentists in that we have an additional 2-3 years of specialized training which prepares us to understand and manage infants through adolescents and those with special health care needs. We are prepared to make age-appropriate recommendations and offer all options for care should treatment be needed.


Do you think some parents wonder, “Aren’t they just baby teeth?”


Yes, but most children get their first teeth by age 1 and lose their last baby tooth at age 13. Early care and prevention are crucial.  Baby teeth shape the mouth, allow for chewing and appropriate speech, and help guide permanent teeth into the mouth correctly. Cavities are a bacteria that if left untreated or if treated inappropriately can cause significant pain and spread to neighboring teeth, surrounding bone and throughout the body. We also monitor and advise on growth patterns, sucking habits and screen for numerous abnormalities.


Why Smiles in Motion?


We have board certified Pediatric Dentists and a specialty trained team.  We all absolutely love spending our day with children and forming relationships with them. We have awesome environments for kids including movies they can watch during treatment. It is our collective goal that children are comfortable with us in their dental home and that parents feel 100% confident that their children are receiving the highest quality care in a comfortable and safe atmosphere.



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