Confidence in the dental setting




What do you do at your office to keep dental visits happy?


We use child friendly and positive words to describe everything we do. We encourage children so they gain confidence in themselves and learn to trust us. We love to interact with our patients!  We care about their oral health, but we also care about them as a person!


What can parents do to help making dental experiences positive?


If parents have their own fear or anxiety about the dentist, they should not share those with their child. Dentistry has improved over the years and it is important to allow their child the opportunity to like their dentist and their dental home. Parents can refer to the dentist and team as helpful and as friends.  When parents show they trust the dentist their child will too.


What if a child needs to have a procedure done that involves more than a cleaning and examination?


It can be an uncertain and frustrating time for a parent when their child needs treatment of any kind.  It is our job to make sure parents understand our recommendations and all their options. Treatment appointments can be some of the most rewarding for us and the child. We appreciate the opportunity to work one on one with children during treatment so we can focus on each other. We love to help a child realize what they can do and watch them be proud of what they have accomplished. Sometimes confidence in the dental setting does not happen right away, but if we can work with the child over time, they do become more comfortable and confident dental patients.